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Chiang Mai is the place where you can find beautiful Escort Chiang Mai 
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provided by Crown escort. Considered as “The Rose of the North” by many in beautiful
country of Thailand, the city is loaded with misty mountains and flamboyant hill tribes
making it a popular stop for any seasoned or first time traveller. Chiang Mai was founded
in 1296 after it became the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. In recent times it has
been a place where past and the present effortlessly combine with modern buildings
standing opposite to old and prestigious temples. The captivating and ancient capital of
Lanna is regarded as a paradise for people who love to shop and for those looking for
adventures. Considered as the crown jewel of Thailand, since several years Chiang Mai
consistently ranks in the top 25 best destinations of the world. Visit this wonderful
island city with your Escort Chiang Mai and experience the very best cuisine in the day
while you receive the best Thai massage in night. Apart from having such a unique
combination of past and present, the island is also home to various sultry and seductive
Escort Chiang Mai. While some people visit Chiang Mai for its wonderful cuisine, few
visitors might be bowled over by the huge variety of handicrafts and antiques on
exhibition whereas party animals will find abundance of electric and vibrant nightlife to
enjoy especially if you have you are in the company of our escort model. Regardless of its
small size, Chiang Mai has it all to offer any man, something which many big cities fail
to do.
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